Honda Hood Deflector

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Honda Hood Deflector

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:40 am

Honda Hood Deflector

Accord 90-93 HD 930S
Accord 94-97 HD 934S
Accord 98-00 4Dr HD 938-4S
Accord 98-02 2Dr HD 938-2S
Accord 01-02 HD 9D 01-4S
Accord 03-07 2Dr HD 9D 03-2S
Accord 03-07 4Dr HD 9D 03-4S
Accord 4Dr 08-10 HD 9D 08-4S
Accord 2Dr 08-10 HD 9D 08-2S
Civic 92-95 HD 902S
Civic 96-98 HD 906S
Civic 99-00 HD 909S
Civic 01-03 HD 9A 01S
Civic SiR 03-05 HD 9B 03S
Civic 04-05 HD 9A 04S
Civic 2Dr 06-10 HD 9A 06-2S
Civic 4Dr 06-10 HD 9A 06-4S
CR-V 02-06 HDW 9H 02S
CR-V 97-01 HD 9H 97S
CR-V 07-10 HD9H07S
Element 04-10 HDW 9J 04S
Fit 07 - 08 HD 9M 07S
Fit 09-10 HD 9M 09S
Odyssey 99-04 HDW 969S
Odyssey 05-07 HDW 9K 05S
Odyssey 08-10 HD9K08S
Pilot 03-05 HD 9F 03S
Pilot 06 -08 HDW 9F 06S
Prelude 97-02 HD 947S
Ridgeline 06-10 HDW 9L 05S

Toll Free 1-800-462-8077

Located at:
1320 Ellesmere Rd Unit 7-8
Scarborough, Ontario M1P 2X9


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