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Mevotech Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies Empty Mevotech Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies

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Mevotech Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies

Mevotech Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies Hub-Gen2
Mevotech Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies Hub-Gen1
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More and more vehicles today are using hub assemblies. Hub assemblies are attached to the spindle or steering knuckle and the tires are fitted over the wheel hub which turns as a complete unit with the drum or disc brake. Hub assemblies are sealed at the factory and don’t require maintenance.

Hub assemblies are an essential automotive component and must be in good working condition. All hub assemblies control the position and reduce the resistance of your wheels in contact with the road. Wheel positioning determines a number of performance aspects, including tire wear, braking control, vehicle stability in both straight lines and in turns, and overall vehicle handling.


•Heavy Duty Integral Raceway - reduces vibration and increases stiffness, extending the product life and improves the overall performance
•Oversized Ball Bearings - the hubs are able to carry extra load, maximizing their life span
•O.E.M. Specification ABS Sensor and Plug - ABS sensor is internally mounted in the hub assembly and follow the OE style for a proper signal and connection
•Performance Sealing - ensures the maximum protection from road hazards and debris and minimises the risk of potential damage
•Maintenance Free - hubs are designed as a integrated system, greased and sealed for the life of the unit
Any vehicle that has ABS (Antilock-Braking System) requires an ABS sensor to determine when the system needs to be activated.

On some front wheel drive cars, the wheel speed sensors are integrated into the hub assembly. A toothed ring in the hub assembly rotates past the tip of the wheel speed sensor. This sensor provides the wheel rotation speed to the ABS computer for proper ABS function.

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