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Sylvania Silverstars

Now there’s a new star on the road, burning brighter and whiter than halogen ever has. SilverStar illuminates with a searing intensity, exceeded only by far more expensive High Intensity Discharge(HID) lighting. SilverStar is fueled by advanced design and backed by the prestigious SYLVANIA brand with its longstanding commitment to halogen innovation.

SilverStar’s color temperature is a white hot 4000° K, far higher than other halogens on the market and comparable to H.I.D. headlights.

SilverStar shines with a luminance up to 20% greater than other halogens

A sharp profile, silver tip, and amethyst blue coating create a dramatic, high-end, crisp, clean look. SilverStar provides drivers with an unparalleled level of illumination and meets all FMVSS 108 and CMVSS 108 requirements and is street legal.

SB-H880ST Maximum 32 Price $24.95
SB-H893ST Maximum 37.5 Price $24.95
SB-H9003ST (H4) Maximum 65/72 Price $23.96
SB-H9004ST Maximum 50/70 Price $20.90
SB-H9005ST Maximum 70 Price $23.56
SB-H9006ST Maximum 60 Price $23.56
SB-H9007ST Maximum 60/70 Price $23.96
SB-H1ST (64150) Maximum 55 Price $24.14
SB-H7ST (64210) Maximum 55 Price $23.96


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