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Silblade - Flexblades
Silblade - Flexblades 41I-gjQJGgL._SL500_AA300_

It has patented formulation, unaffected by UV, sunlight, ozone, oil and grime from road spray and Silbalde can withstand extreme temperatures as low as 80 Fahrenheit and as high as 400 Fahrenheit
Patented PTFE coating gives the silicone wiper its ability to effortlessly glide smoothly across your windshield
Silicon formulation leaves an invisible hydrophobic (water repellent) coating, which forms within 90 days from the first use
Unique curved frame conforms to a sleeker, more curved windshields on today?s vehicles
Easy installation, it has preinstalled adaptor that fits the vast majority of vehicles and comes with additional adaptors to fit late model specific OEM (original equipment manufacturer) arm types

Call us for pricing 1-800-462-8077
1320 Ellesmere Rd Unit 7-8
, Ontario


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